Welcome to the Laboratory for Image and Video processing (IVP) at Konkuk University. 

IVP Lab is directed by Prof. C. Yim.

Image and Video Processing (IVP) Lab is performing research on various topics relating image processing, video processing, and multimedia communication. Current research interests on image processing include image filtering (sketch filter, animation filter), image restoration (image inpainting, error concealment), image enhancement, and image quality assessment. Current research interests on video processing include networked video communication, high efficiency video coding (HEVC), and video quality enhancement.

Error Concealment Presentation                                        Video Compression Presentation

B. Chung and C. Yim, "Hybrid error concealment method combining                         B. Chung, J. Kim, and C. Yim,
exemplar-based image inpainting and spatial interpolation,"                                   “Fast rough mode decision method based on
Signal Processing: Image Communication                                                           edge detection for intra coding in HEVC,”
29 (10) (2014) 1121–1137. (SCI, IF : 2.244)                                                            IEEE ISCE, July 2014.

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IVP Lab, New Engineering Building 1016, Konkuk Univ., Hwayang-dong, Gwangjin-gu, Seoul, Korea


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